Walking 214 Wainwrights for 214 Children

During 2016 we will complete walking 214 Wainwrights for 214 Children to raise funds for the ‘No Children Taken’ campaign by Tearfund

214 Wainwrights for 214 Children

In the time you watch this video another six children will be trafficked. A child is trafficked every 30 seconds. Each day 3,300 children are trafficked. 1.2 million children are trafficked globally every year. Tearfund aims to prevent 50,000 children from being trafficked. We hope to raise at least £36 for each of the 214 mountains we climb–raising £7,704–to prevent 214 children from being trafficked. Tearfund needs £36 to provide trafficking awareness training for a child and help them set up a small business and provide for their families.

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Walkers pose for pictures on summit of Grey Friar with Scafell and Scafell Pike in background

Grey Friar’s stunning view of creation

 16-04-2016 –  Height 1587ft – Distance 5ml – Time 5hr – We walked away from this mountain the other week. Today we return, retracing our steps. From the Three Shires Stone we begin our second attempt to reach the summit of Grey Friar.

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Walking Time(hr)

Walker on Hell Gill Pike looking over Greenburn Valley
Climbing Matterhorn rock on Grey Friar

214 Wainwrights for Tearfund

Life has many challenges, some we can overcome, some we can’t. For these children who are taken away from their families their own mountains are impossible to climb.

Trapped in servitude, they lose all hope of a future and can only look with despair at their days ahead. In their eyes, there is no one to help, no one to hear their cry, no one to rescue them. What we (myself, my daughter and my son) are aiming to achieve is a challenge: to climb 214 mountains and to raise 7,704 pounds.

In 2014, after reading about ‘No Child Taken’ and the plight of these children, I was challenged to donate to Tearfund, but financially this was not possible. The whisper and sense of urgency would not go away. I prayed about this, asking God what I could do. I believe He responded with a question. The questions was, what can you do? I answered, I can walk, write and take photographs. My response received no reply, it didn’t need one.

The answer developed into this challenge: to walk the Wainwrights for these children. To raise funds so that many would not become trapped into slavery.

A story is told about a small boy walking along a beach throwing dying starfish back into the sea. A man watched, “You can’t possibly save them all, there are thousands on this beach. You can’t possibly make a difference.” The boy smiled as he threw another back into the sea. He replied, “I made a huge difference to that one.” (Author Unknown).

Jesus once fed 5,000 people with only a basket of five loaves of bread and two fish. Impossible, the people cried. Yet after they had all eaten there was plenty left over. Tearfund want to save 50,000 children from trafficking. It seems an impossible task. Yet for once child who is given a future, for one child who is taken out of the traffickers hands, there are a million reasons to be thankful.

No Child Taken

It’s May, and we have climbed 117 Wainwrights and plan to complete in 2016. We gaze upon creation, grandstand view of Scafell from Grey Friar. We have  raised  £6,338 for Tearfund’s No Child Taken campaign and climbed over 89000 feet. A really big thank you to all our sponsors, you are a real encouragement. Read our blog at The Wainwright Walks.

£36 can keep one girl safe

£36 can keep one girl safe through trafficking prevention training, as well as skills training, giving her the knowledge to see through the lies of a trafficker and the opportunity to create a safe income for herself.

£60 enables a partner to travel to villages

£60 can pay for a local volunteer to motorbike around the local villages for one month, finding the most vulnerable children and setting up trafficking prevention workshops.

£90 helps a child be self sufficient

£90 can train ten teenage girls with eight days of livelihood skills training, enabling them to start a small business, as well as follow up support once they set up their business.
No Child TakenGO! We’re off!

Tearfund's Partners

Tearfund is working with partners across the world to stop this horror in its tracks. In Laos their partner goes from village to village near the border to warn parents and children of the danger they are in and tell them how to stay safe.

Trafficking Awareness

Children who live along the border in poor villages are particularly susceptible to being taken. Traffickers target their families and promise a better life across the border in neighbouring Thailand. It can cost over £7,000 to rescue a child.

84 million children in slavery

84 million children are in slavery, trafficking, debt bondage and other forms of forced labour, recruitment for armed conflict, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities according to the ILO.

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to the companies and individuals who are sponsoring us to complete these walks over the Wainwright Fells. Below are those who have donated much needed equipment. Thank you.

Pacer Pole, supply walking, hiking and trekking poles

Images from the Wainwrights

Langdale Pikes
Little Langdale Tarn
Great Slab, Bowfell
Great Langdale
Temperature inversion in Langdale
Patterdale and Brothers Water from Place Fell
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