There is a saying, ‘Ne’er cast a clout until May is out.’ It means, don’t throw away the winter gear until May is finished. It is a wise thought, because in the Lake District the weather can change in an instant, and the person caught without a clout will be the worse off. As a child I regularly received a clout behind the ear, but I don’t think that means the same thing, does it?

Eric and Hannah model new t-shirtsSo, it is now time to start thinking about putting summer gear into our rucksacks and chucking the winter clothes back into the wardrobe, after washing of course!

The fell top assessors are hibernating for the summer, and so we are left to our own wisdom on the fells. The warm summer months are fast approaching. The days of winter blizzards, gale force winds and snow are becoming a distant memory, although you can still read about them on our website if you wish. For me though, I like to look forward, and winter, although it was great fun, doesn’t compare to lounging around in the warm sun on lofty summits.

This week we have walked the fells in heat. Our ascent up Binsey was akin to a march in the tropics. We had one flask of water, and I rationed Hannah, because we may have died of dehydration on the way down under the scorching desert sun.Eric and Hannah model new t-shirts

Hannah is complaining about her fleece lined trousers being too warm. I told her to stop complaining.
“Oh! Nice,” she said, “you try wearing these.”
Already dissent in the ranks. I’ll be off to the outdoor shop later, maybe?

Hot flasks are being replaced by cool drinks, and longer days mean longer walks and the prospect of overnight camps near the summits.

So out come our new T-shirts, kindly supplied by Tearfund, and loving and graciously printed for us by our nice friend John at Castle Embroidery in Kendal. They are being modeled by myself and Hannah, resplendent in yellow so you can see us on the fell and give us a wave, or some chocolate, or mint cake, or water, just in case we need energy.

Have a great summer. Enjoy the hills. Keep your chin up then you can see everything. And if you see two yellow blobs approaching you, run, you may end up on a photograph!

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