Two Amazing Ways You Can Donate to Tearfund

Our aim to is to raise £36 for each mountain we ascend. There are 214 mountains listed in Alfred Wainwright’s guidebooks. When we achieve our objective we will have raised a total of £7,704.

This amount will bring hope and safety for 214 children. We expect to be standing on the 214th summit in the summer of 2016. The more Wainwrights we climb, the higher we ascend towards our goal.

There are two options available for you to sponsor us and help Tearfund prevent 50,000 children from being trafficked.

  • First, you can pledge an amount – by email – for every mountain we climb. This option is an incentive for us and encourages us to keep going when the climbs are tough, the days are wet, cold and windy, and our commitment fluctuates over the course of the year. With this option – as I am doing – you can put away a little each time we reach a summit. Over year this will build up and be easier on your pocket.
  • Second, we also have a Just Giving website at just where you can send us any amount that you can afford.

Please consider helping us to reach our goal. Thank you.

Pledging by Email:

By sponsoring us for each mountain, you can join with us and encourage us to keep going. Each Wainwright summit we walk over brings us nearer to achieving our goal of ascending the 214 mountains in the Lake District.

By offering a pledge, you can put aside an amount each time we reach a summit. Please use our contact page to send us an email with your offer and we will reply to you, thank you, and send you a photo of our latest summit.

When we have reached the final mountain you can send the money you have saved to our Just Giving website. Thank you.

Just Giving Website

We invite you to visit our Just Giving website at where you are welcome to donate and help us provide Tearfund with the resources they need to save 214 children from being trafficked in 2015.

Tearfund plans to bring trafficking awareness training to children so they can see through the lies of the traffickers; helping poor families set up small businesses and become self-sufficient.

Remember, one starfish thrown back into the sea is extremely grateful, just as one child saved from slavery has a future because of you. Please go to our Just Giving website, thank you for your help.


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