Snow, snow, snow! I feel like I don’t want to go on the walk; I just want to play in the snow. But I know I have to keep moving, or by the time we get to the top it will be night-time.

It is hard work following the route, just getting to the bottom of the mountain. I was tired by the time I got there. The route up to Low Pike made me sweaty and hot. I asked for the wind to come and cool me down. No, it didn’t come. Oh well! I need it desperately.

Hannah below High PikeWhen we were about one quarter up the mountain the breeze came. Well, not just any breeze, but a breeze that nearly knocked me of my feet.

Dad and Mark were way in front of me. In the car, my dad had talked about walking at the pace of the slowest walker -me – and now they were zooming up the mountain with me five to ten metres behind them. Good call Dad 🙂

At the top of Low Pike the wind was so fierce it picked up the snow from the ground and blasted it very powerfully into my face.

We didn’t eat much on the way up, because there were not many rocks to give all three of us enough shelter. I was starving!

It was to much for me. I couldn’t take it any more, I told my dad about my legs – they were killing – ouch!Hannah above Low Pike

We were just ten feet from the top of High Pike when we headed down. I felt so guilty. But Dad and Mark really cheered me up, by saying,
“It’s fine, you did well, this was a very tough walk, and you went up nearly two mountains. Well done.”

The mountain has turned into my enemy. So in summer it will pay. I am going to beat it up and victory will be mine. haha!

Thank you for reading this, and please keep donating to Tearfund, so they can help them poor children. Say thank you to God that he has blessed you with your food, home, friends and family.

Thank you, and watch out, the next blog will be soon 🙂

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