It was freezing, but I felt free. Walking lets you air your emotions instead of keeping them in a tight squished place in your body. I really enjoy walking but as always at the start of a walk I moan.

My brother helps me walk up these tough mountains, but sometimes what happens is, I say, ‘Is this the last hill.” And Mark says, ‘Yes, then we’ll be back at the car.”
Then for some strange reason another hill comes into sight. I say, “Yes that was really the last hill, sure!”

Pelted by hailstones

Hannah having lunch on Loughrigg FellThe hailstones were so painful and shocking. They were about the size of peas, and rock solid. They were going so fast it felt like I was in a storm – well basically I was, but oh well!

When I got to the top the wind gave me a bit of a shock. It blasted at my face, and nearly blew me off the edge. I felt so proud of myself, just as I did on Harter Fell. After a while, though, my fingers started to freeze, as if they were being squeezed.

Jumping in the wind

Fighting the wind on Loughrigg summitI hid behind the tall rock and blew on my fingers to warm them up. Mark was being absolutely crazy, jumping about and flying in the air. Dad said to join him for a picture. He told us to lean forwards into the wind. It felt like I was flying in the air and leaned a bit further down, then a bit more. Suddenly the wind slowed down, and I nearly face-planted the ground – lovely!

Fish and Chips

When I finished the walk, I took my boots off. I felt so relaxed and tired, but definitely hungry. Next stop fish and chips then home, to get ready for the next one.

I hope you like my blog and watch out because the next one will be out soon. 🙂

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