It was lovely, a stroll in the park, this time i didn’t need to moan i loved it.
You may think that I have had some kind of medicine to make me think positive, well my answer is no to that, I haven’t.

In just over an hour we got to the top of the hill. It was really, really, really windy, and it felt like I could fly. 
We thought that we might as well go up Wansfell Pike for fun, and I am telling you now, it was FUN. My dad and brother couldn’t  believe that I said it was fun!

Snow and more snow!

Hannah in snow cave on WansfellWhen we were on our way to Wansfell Pike, we had to go up a hill and can you guess what was coming ….. snow, snow!

Most of you would think that snow is lovely and you’re right. It is just that this snow was up to my waist! Dad and Mark were bum-bouncing on the snow, and I found it quite funny, they were acting like 5 or 6 year olds.

It actually took my mind of walking up Wansfell and giving up my time to save those children in need. I just had some fun, playing in the deep snow.

Fun in snow holes

These are the thing me, Mark and Dad made or did on the walk:

  • A snow wall
  • Bum bouncing
  • A throne
  • Belly sliding
  • Getting snow down your back.
  • A snow man,
  • A lovely snow
  • A chair with foot rest.

I think that now walking is beginning to be one of my hobbies but not my first yet.

When we finally got home I was defiantly happy to be home, but I felt like that walk wasn’t enough, it felt like it was just the start of that journey!

Thank you very much for reading this blog and I hope you donate for us, and remember the next blog will be out soon!

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