Signposts near Little Mell FellOn the first part of the walk my legs were already hurting so bad, I wanted to head back and forget about this weeks walk, but no, I thought, I will do this walk for those poor children, I kept reminding myself. 

This walk felt like it was going to be a very tough one; we had all these mountains to do: Little Mell Fell, Great Mell Fell and Gowbarrow.

Well, I think I am exaggerating a teeny weeny little bit.

When me and dad were in the car I saw all three mountains surrounding us, at first I thought they were going to be easy, but then I changed my mind.

Little Mell, bogs, and a lost hatHannah on the summit of Little Mell Fell

On our way to the start of Little Mell Fell we had to walk through an absolutely horrible bog and then dad lost his lens cap, and his hat, and that involved walking back and forth along the bog which meant very messy boots. I need to look after him!

The walk was tougher than I had expected, but I can do it, I kept reminding myself.

It was fun, but if my brother was here it would be extra fun, but if my dad wasn’t here then it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Walker on slopes of Little Meldrum, Gowbarrow FellInto the wilderness

It was great, I felt like a real explorer because, on the map, there were no routes shown to get up to Little Mell Fell. So me and dad found a gate most people would use and went up that. Halfway up Little Mell Fell me and dad had lunch.

When we were walking to the summit of Gowbarrow, we had to skip the paths, dodge the big trees, and find a quicker way to the summit; it was so much fun. It involved: climbing, struggling, shouting at each other, me getting fed up, moaning because it would be night soon and so on!

We came back to the car through the soaking bog and the dark night sky. The village we parked in looked a bit deserted.

Thank you for reading this, and my next blog will be out soon thank you and remember please keep donating!

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