Another 6am alarm call. Hannah hobbles down the stairs, she is having problems with her legs at the moment. She is not the only one, my knees are also beginning to complain, usually the day after we have been walking.  I can understand why. I am past 60, but Hannah is at the other end of the age spectrum.

For a few weeks she has been saying her legs are hurting. It was noticeable as we finished the Grisedale Pike circuit a few weeks ago. The last few miles brought tears to her eyes. Mark and I both considered whether we could carry her for the last mile or so. In future, it may be advisable to carry a rope that we could use as a harness to carry her between our shoulders.

On the last walk over Fellbarrow she could hardly walk, the tendon that runs down the outside of her leg was painful. I remember having this problem after we finished the walk around Martindale. I could hardly walk down the short path from the top of Hallin Fell. When this happens it is really debilitating and very painful, and it just doesn’t go away.

I feel though, that all this is muscle development. Before January, Hannah had never done much walking, and now, all of a sudden, she is walking mountains every weekend. Many of the routes have been serious days out. Routes like The Fairfield Horseshoe in winter and the Coledale Horseshoe in serious wind and blizzards are just a couple. Both these routes, and some of the others, are serious days out even for seasoned fell-walkers. We also have more to come. There are going to be big days over Scafell, Great Gable, Pillar and a lot of the Western fells are serious walks.

I have decided to give her a well-earned rest for a few weeks. We will still go out, but only over one or two easy mountains, and with short walks. I feel it is better to keep using our muscles rather than stopping. Hopefully her legs will get stronger and be ready for the summer. Please pray for healing, if you are able. Thankyou.

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