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This is the place where we randomly chat about things as we walk the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District for Tearfund’s ‘No Child Taken.’

Tearfund is hoping to raise 1 million pounds to protect 50,000 children from the dangers of trafficking in 2015. We aim to raise £36 for each mountain we climb, so protecting 214 children and providing them with a safe and secure family environment.


21 Million People Trafficked

In Berlin, yesterday, nine hundred police officers raided one of Germany’s largest brothels, arresting six people and helping people trapped in slavery to receive support, the BBC reported. It is estimated nearly 21 million adults and children are trafficked, bought...

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Dejected on Cat Bells

Yesterday we climbed among the tourists on Cat Bells heading for our 107th Wainwright on Robinson - it didn’t happen. In fact, we never reached the summit of Cat Bells (451m). More despondently we didn’t reach the summit on the best day we have had since we started...

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Testimony for the Wainwrights

Not every day do we witness first-hand Jesus’ amazing power in our lives. We certainly see His work (Col. 1:15-17) each time we walk around the Wainwrights. Yet for Hannah, who last week spent a few days at Soul Survivor (a Christian festival in...

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Wainwrights – Pin it on the Wall

I was standing in the kitchen the other day, leaning against the wall, having a cup of tea and looking at our map of the Wainwrights on the wall. It is covered with little coloured pins, indicating the mountains we have already climbed. It is also covered by white...

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Painfully Walking the Wainwrights

Another 6am alarm call. Hannah hobbles down the stairs, she is having problems with her legs at the moment. She is not the only one, my knees are also beginning to complain, usually the day after we have been walking.  I can understand why. I am past 60, but Hannah is...

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Big Days on Western Wainwrights

Big Days Out on the Western Wainwright Fells This week we start to climb the Western Wainwrights - over the hills and far away - and, for us all, the exciting prospect of wandering over unknown territory. The massive monsters of Scafell, Great Gable, Yewbarrow,...

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