“YIPPEE! We’re going walking tomorrow,” I told my dad. He looked very confused and said, “Hello Hannah’s home” Probably because he never thought that I could be so enthusiastic about walking. I gave dad ‘the  teenage look!’

It was a long drive to the start of the walk, but that was fine with me, because then I could recover from my early morning wake up by ……. DAD … Zzzzzzzz!!

We finally got to the start of the walk and I stood outside the car smelling the free air that I hadn’t smelt for two weeks.
“It is nice to be back at the mountains ready to conquer my 26th and other mountains,” I said to dad.

It was such a shock, I could not get up the first steep climb, and I filled myself up with negative thoughts – which isn’t good. 🙁

Hannah wind-blown on Angletarn PikeDad was telling me about the Russian king that came over to England to hunt deer, and that a part of area in the mountains were blocked of so that no one could frighten the deer. These deer aren’t just any ordinary deer they are the last pure blooded deer left in the whole of England.

Before Beda fell we came to another summit (not a Wainwright) which had a little cute mini shelter. I decided to call it ‘Hannah’s little shelter’. In my shelter, me and dad had our snack and some orange juice (not Vimto), it was so refreshing and nice after the walking and a little bit of scrambling.

WOW! Dad spotted some red deer. They were so cute, and I just wanted to run down the mountain and go and hug them, ride, play and stroke them, and make it my pet – that would be trained to poo in my dads office when I said!

SWISHH SWOOSH! As always the wind somehow seems to come into my blog all the time, ‘Oh well’ it has got an important part in the story like – the part were I nearly get blown half way across the mountain – that part!

After a long walk me and my dad sat down by Angle Tarn for a lovely lunch. For lunch my mum had made us two tubs of pasta, but dad had only brought one because it weighed about one ton (just a little bit of exaggeration about that part).
Me and dad had an idea that in summer we should walk up to Angle Tarn and camp there overnight and complete some other mountains while we are there.

On the walk I made friends with some people, they had the CUTEST little puppy dog!  Dad thought i was pretending to slow down to meet the dog, I sort of was, I was slowing down for the dog and also because i was really tired.

Hannah on the summit of Angeltarn Pike

Hannah on the summit of Angeltarn Pike looking north over Brothers Water

On the final walk down to the finish, me and dad were both really worn out, and coming down really hurt our knees. We saw a Golden Eagle? Dad found out later that it was not a golden eagle but a buzzard! Oh well, at least we still saw something a tiny weeny little bit rare.

After all that hard walking dad told me that we should do Hallin Fell. I was really not in the mood to do it, but it doesn’t matter, I guess one more little walk doesn’t hurt. When me and dad got to the top I realised I was standing right next to an enormous cairn.This cairn was two of me piled up on top of each other!


Mum had a little tantrum about us not taking the other box of pasta. Me and dad’s first reply was OOPS! But then dad told mum why ….. problem solved.

Thank you for reading my blog and I am so sorry I haven’t been writing about my other walks. Too busy doing HOMEWORK, but it doesn’t matter my dad’s blog will be up to date, and even maybe my brother might be having his own blog, but that isn’t a definite.

Please leave comments if you liked this blog. Thank you and bye for now!

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